Occupy UK takes over empty UBS office as new HQ

Empty UBS offices in the heart of London have been occupied by the Occupy UK movement. Despite recent moves by the British government to ban squatting in all its forms, the protesters have taken over the offices and announced that they’re turning it into a Bank of Ideas, which will operate as a kind of forum for discussions about where to take the protest movement from here.

Meanwhile, a parade of speakers have been lining up to address the crowds and profess their (in some cases qualified) support for the movement. Vivienne Westwood is probably the most high-profile recent visitor to the Occupy movement, but perhaps the most interesting was Alessio Rastani, the trader who has become a somewhat unlikely icon of the protests.

It’s not clear what UBS will do about the literal occupation of its offices, but the Swiss bank is considered likely to take some form of action. However, the bank will be mindful of the need to not inflame the situation, and will probably view the recent travails of St Paul’s as a cautionary tale.



One thought on “Occupy UK takes over empty UBS office as new HQ

  1. Storming around, looking for a fight.

    Posted by matenaesco | November 20, 2011, 12:56 am

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