Ai Weiwei supporters strip naked to show support for artist’s latest problems

Supporters of Ai Weiwei have begun to post online images of themselves naked, to show their support at a time when the Chinese artist is reportedly being investigated by authorities for alleged pornography.

Using social networks, supporters have been showing images of themselves naked. Some are full-frontal nude shots, some are a little more ingenious. A number of references to the ‘grass mud horse’, a creation designed to mock internet censors.

The fuss has arisen after a photo showing Weiwei and four naked girls was accused of being pornographic by Chinese censors. Supporters of Ai Weiwei argue that the authorities are harrassing him.

The naked protest is the latest example of a growing trend for using nude bodies to get attention. Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy recently stripped to protest against Egypt’s military junta, prompting a group of Israeli women to strip in sympathy. And earlier this year the Sexy Fawkes site began offering Anonymous-themed nude photos as a form of protest.


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