More deaths as police clash with protesters in Tahrir Square #Egypt

At least a dozen people have died over the past 24 hours as fresh protests hit Egypt’s Tahrir Square. A temporary truce between police and protesters on Monday morning is believed to have lasted all of half an hour before more fighting broke out by the Ministry of Defence building.

Protesters are calling for the country’s ruling military junta to commit to free and fair democratic elections. The junta are seen as being somewhat reluctant to release their grip on power entirely, and for many Egyptians there is a growing fear that they have replaced one form of dictatorship with another. Hence the desire to push the junta from power before they become too entrenched.

Protesters have been chanting for the resignation of Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, leader of Egypt’s governing Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. The protests are the most sustained signs of civil unrest since the demonstrations that initially forced Hosni Mubarak from power earlier this year.


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