Obama warns he’ll use veto over spending debacle

Barack Obama has warned that if the US Super Committee fails (as now seems almost certain), he will use his veto to block any attempts to derail the $1.2tn spending cuts in defence and entitlements that will automatically kick in.

With Republicans blaming the White House for the Super Committee’s failure, Obama issued a strongly-worded rebuke of the GOP’s failure to ‘give and take’ during negotiations. Once again, it seems that Republicans were unwilling to accept an end to the huge tax cuts enjoyed by many of America’s most wealthy citizens since the Bush era.

Now that the Super Committee is all but dead, the battle is on to apportion blame for this failure. For many Americans, worn down by months of political failure an dysfunction, the story will be depressingly familiar. Perhaps there’s no need to decide who to blame. Just blame everyone…


One thought on “Obama warns he’ll use veto over spending debacle

  1. I suppose Obama thinks the GOP and Congress need to take their medicine, so to speak, and not take the easy way out of not compromising.

    Posted by mpbulletin | November 22, 2011, 4:09 am

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