The New Nabors? Muppets set to return in primetime NBC sitcom

WIth their first film in a decade set to open shortly, The Muppets seem to be entering a phase of frenetic activity. NBC has reportedly ordered scripts for a proposed new primetime comedy, titled The New Nabors, that would follow the adventures of a couple who find that their new neighbours are Muppets.

The New Nabors is being developed by Jim Henson Studios in association with Universal Television, with John Riggi and John Hoffman at the helm alongside Jim Henson’s daughter Lisa. No casting news has been announced so far, but the show looks set to debut in Fall 2012.

The original Muppets TV show began in 1976 as a spin-off from Sesame Street and ran for five years. It spawned numerous films, specials and spin-off shows of its own. Although the franchise has arguably been less visible in recent years, it looks like Kermit and friends will be pretty prominent again soon.


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I am a second year architecture student studying in Berlin. I am originally from Beijing, China, where many of my family still reside, apart from my father, step-mother and step-sister, who reside in Cologne in Germany.


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