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Video shows man losing control of dog in Richmond Park, deer chase ensues

Everyone loses control of their dog at some point, even if it’s only for a moment. But for the guy featured in the Jesus Christ in Richmond Park video, his ‘moment’ was captured on video and shows him running after his dog as it chanses the local deer.

The video has gone viral, with more than 150,000 having so far watched the guy running after his labrador as it chases a couple of dozen deer. There’s certainly something pretty comical about the way the guy is calling after his dog.

There’s a serious side to the video too. Although it seems everything turned out okay on this occasion, 20 deer are killed in the park each year through human actions, with around half a dozen being killed by dogs. So perhaps the guy in the video was perfectly right to be concerned as his dog raced across the field in pursuit of the deer.


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