Barack Obama

Barack Obama launches Google+ profile

US president Barack Obama has launched his Google+ profile, becoming the latest well-known figure to jump onboard the nascent social network. As more and more prominent personalities join Google+, it’s going to be interesting to see how their use of the platform differs from their use of Facebook.

Comparing the Obama Google+ and Facebook profiles reveals some small differences. Visually, the Google+ profile is obviously quite a bit cleaner. Arguably, Google+ makes Facebook look as cluttered as Facebook once made Myspace look. Alternatively, is Google+ just a bit bare right now?

In terms of using Google+, Obama’s team seems to be pushing the same mix of videos and slogans that they use on Facebook (and Twitter). That’s not really surprising, and says more about the lack of differentiation between the various platforms than it does about Obama’s approach to social networking.

Google+ is obviously still new. Whereas Facebook had time to ‘bed in’ before it became so well-known, Google+ has been born in the glare of the spotlight. It’ll take time for people to decide how they want to use Google+, and for Google+ to respond, just as it will take time for Obama’s team to fill up the president’s currently rather bare profile.


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