Knives and ‘weapons’ discovered during Zuccotti Park clean-up? #OWS

There are reports of knives and other potential weapons being found discarded in Zuccotti Park as the clean-up from Occupy Wall Street (OWS) continues. But OWS supporters have already dismissed the reports, saying that the ‘weapons’ are either camping equpiment or are nothing to do with the protest movement.

It’s not clear whether the objects that were discovered have been definitively linked to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The NYPD have confirmed the discovery of a knife, but reports claim that further weapons were discovered by a private cleaning company sent to sort out the park following the recent eviction of Occupy Wall Street.

Some see the alleged weapons ‘cache’ as proof of a shady side to Occupy Wall Street. Others argue that the weapons are nothing of the sort, and that stories of violence and menacing intent among OWS protesters are a long way from reality.

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One thought on “Knives and ‘weapons’ discovered during Zuccotti Park clean-up? #OWS

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    Posted by shelbyanne | November 24, 2011, 7:08 pm

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