Alien skull or giant headed child? Mysterious head found in Peru

Anthropologists are attempting to get to the bottom of a mysterious skull found in a grave in Andahuaylillas in the southern province of Quispicanchi, Peru. The skull is extremely elongated, has very large eye sockets, and has a soft spot in the skull that is usually seen in children yet also possesses adult teeth.

The skull is one of two, and they have yet to be conclusively dated. Some people have been quick to claim that the skull belonged to an alien, despite the fact that in many ways the body is very human. Neveretheless, there are clear differences and it’s these differences that have yet to be explained. The head is much larger than normal, and is almost the same size as the rest of the body.

An initial study by a group of anthropologists concluded that the skull is ‘not human’, with further work expected to be carried out shortly. The remains of an eyeball have been found in one eyesocket, which should clear up the question of whether or not it’s human.

There could be a perfectly rational explanation, however. In many cultures around the world, including parts of South America, it was once traditional to use cloth to artificially lengthen the heads of some children. Combine that with a few abnormalities and the ‘alien skull’ could be fully explained.


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