Occupy Black Friday aims to get customers to skip traditional shopping fest

In case you hadn’t noticed, tomorrow is Black Friday, the day when America’s Christmas shopping fest starts and customers queue up for the best bargains. But a new campaign, Occupy Black Friday, is calling on consumers to boycott the event in protest against America’s current economic course.

Occupy Black Friday is unlikely to cause much damage, but industry leaders are warning that shops desperately need the traditional boost they get during Black Friday. Even a small dent to sales could be enough to cause a few smaller companies to go under completely. However, campaigners argue that it’s only the big companies that could possibly suffer, and that they are encouraging people to use smaller, ‘mom an pop’ stores.

Various retailers say that they are prepared for any disruptive protests that might spring up at store across America. Some are likely to have extra security guards on duty. Black Friday is always a period of real drama in America, with life-and-death bargains on offer.



One thought on “Occupy Black Friday aims to get customers to skip traditional shopping fest

  1. My understanding is that people are being encouraged to shop at smaller businesses on-line or in-town. So, one would think that the smaller businesses would profit. I live a mile from a SuperTarget, if that, and I actually managed to go a month without shopping there. That was difficult. Not shopping at big box stores for gifts is much easier. The gifts I find at local businesses are more unique, and the recipients really appreciate them.

    Posted by Elisa | November 25, 2011, 5:21 am

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