Is Facebook going to delete your account in 24 hours? No, it’s another phishing scam

Facebook users are being hit by a new scam that falsely claims their accounts will be closed unless they reveal a range of private information. The phishing scam asks users to divulge, among other things, their passwords and financial information.

Needless to say, it’s a scam. Facebook isn’t going to close accounts in this way, and the aim of the phishing attack appears to be twofold: to gain credit card details, and to gain log-ins so that the scam can be sent onto your friends.

While it’s easy to criticise people for falling victim to such scams, it’s worth pointing out that even some legitimate websites (though not Facebook, IMHO) are training users to feel comfortable with giving over this kind of information.


About Michael R. Gideon

Writer, teacher, dog walker, guitarist, husband, father, reader, journalist etc. I mainly write at 100gf | Politics and Computers, but occasionally at other sites such as TV Vomit and Indie Bookspot. My Google Plus profile.


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