Kamal Ganzouri returns as Egyptian prime minister

Kamal Ganzouri, who previously served as Egyptian prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, has returned to the position as the country’s military junta seeks to inspire faith in their rule.

Former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and his government quit en masse earlier this week, leading to a fresh round of political instability in the country. Ganzouri is now in place until early January, at which point the final results of parliamentary elections will be in and parliament will be offered the chance to back Ganzouri to stay in the post.

It’s unclear whether Ganzouri’s return to power will placate the angry crowds in Tahrir Square. Any hint of a return to the Mubarak era is likely to be met with resistance, and Ganzouri will have a hard task when it comes to persuading Egyptians that the country really is headed for democracy.



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