2012 Presidential Campaign, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney campaign quote confusion

Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign has been accused of allegedly using a quote from rival candidate Mitt Romney out of context.

In the quote, Romney allegedly claims that some immigrants should be given the right to apply for citizenship. But Gingrich’s team allegedly missed out part of the quote, making Romney seem softer on the subject than Romney’s team claim is accurate.

Romney’s team have claimed that the use of the words, out of context, doesn’t accurately portray their candidate’s beliefs on the subject in question.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has been accused of allegedly using a quote from Barack Obama out of context.

In the quote, Obama says the words “if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose”. But the Romney ad allegedly doesn’t point out that Obama was quoting a McCain aide during the 2008 election when he said the words.

Critics have pointed out that the lack of context makes the words seem completely different to their intended purpose.

The confusion raises fresh concerns about the extent to which the upcoming presidential election will potentially see alleged tactics such as this. There have always been voters who don’t bother to think for themselves. But have there always been candidates who will allegedly pander to them shamelessly? How low will 2012 go?

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