Second Mayan tablet links to 2012 apocalypse

A second Mayan tablet has apparently been found to make reference to an apocalyptic event occurring in late 2012. But experts warn not to worry too much, because the translation is possibly inaccurate, and because dating inconsistencies mean it’s impossible to be sure which of ‘our’ years would be considered 2012 by the Mayans, and because the Mayans had a habit of predicting stuff that didn’t end up happening.

The whole ‘2012 apocalypse’ thing has become something of a cult in recent years, driven by a massive industry that makes huge amounts of money out of books and DVDs on the subject. Some people out there really believe the world will end in 2012, based on little more than a highly selective interpretation of some possibly mistranslated notes carved into a tablet thousands of years ago by some pre-Colombian Harold Camping.

The Mexico’s Institute of Anthropology and History has warned people not to take the whole thing too literally, and says that it would be wrong to take a westernised approach to the question of whether the Mayan tablets predict an apocalypse in 2012. Which doesn’t mean that there won’t be an apocalypse in 2012, just that if there is, it’ll be a coincidence.


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