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UAE censors change name of Puss in Boots to Cat in Boots

Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots has already been a hit in America and Britain, but cinemagoers in the UAE will have a slightly different experience. The country’s censors have renamed the film Cat in Boots, because the word ‘puss’ is deemed to be too risque.

While most people would probably still associate ‘puss’ with cats, the eagle-eyed UAE censors have noted that the word could also refer to a part of the female anatomy. So the film’s stars have also been asked not to refer to its original title as they promote the movie.

The UAE’s censorship rules are often said to be fairly relaxed, but such claims don’t really stand up to much scrutiny. For example, a cut of Bruce Almighty was reportedly once released in the country with all appearances of Morgan Freeman (playing God) removed.



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