Jon Kyl says Republicans might not support payroll tax holiday extension

Republicans are all in favour of tax cuts, right? They’ve proposed and supported wave after wave of tax cuts for America’s rich and influential. But there’s one tax cut they’re apparently not keen on: Arizona’s Jon Kyl says that the GOP might not support a proposed extension to the payroll tax holiday that helps millions of non-rich Americans.

Apparently the payroll tax holiday hasn’t been shown to create jobs. Which is odd, given that the tax cuts for the rich have been in place for ten years yet America is mysteriously in the midst of its worst recession for nearly half a century. There’s some faulty logic at play there, isn’t there?

Republicans continue to describe their own tax policies as an attempt to encourage ‘job creators’ to create jobs, despite growing evidence to suggest that this theory – though a nice hypothesis – has completely failed to do anything for those Americans who aren’t fortunate to be rich already. Strange logic from Kyl, but then again, perhaps his statements aren’t meant to be factual?



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