Mahmoud Sobhi El Shinawi allegedly accused of being Tahrir Square’s mysterious Eye Hunter #Egypt

Tahrir Square has been the setting for a great deal of protest, drama, violence and celebration this year. But in recent months it has also been the home of the mysterious ‘Eye Hunter’, a man who apparently goes around shooting protesters in the eyes. Now, a police officer named Mahmoud Sobhi El Shinawi has allegedly been accused of being the ‘Eye Hunter’ in question.

Protesters have apparently started to identify the man they believe to be the ‘Eye Hunter’. Most of the victims were blindsided by the shooter and therefore are unable to say who fired, but one man – who lost an eye back in January – has now apparently lost the other eye, becoming a double victim of the ‘Eye Hunter’. At least five people have been targeted.

Egyptian authorities are allegedly planning to investigate the incidents in an attempt to determine the true identity of the ‘Eye Hunter’. Meanwhile, Tahrir Square remains a dangerous and volatile place thanks to continuing unease over the new government’s progress.



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