Six missing after Swanland cargo vessel sinks in Irish Sea

Six people are missing after a cargo vessel sank in the Irish Sea. The hull of the Swanland is believed to have cracked in bad weather, causing the boat to sink. The six missing crewmembers should be wearing high visibility life jackets but challenging sea conditions are making rescue operations difficult.

The crew of the 81-metre (265 ft) carrier raised the alarm at around 2am on Sunday. Two crew members have now been rescued but six are still in the water. The Swanland was carrying 3,000 tonnes of limestone when it went down 30 miles north-west off the Lleyn peninsula.

The sea temperature is believed to be low, at around 14 or 15 Celsius. Gale force 8 winds are hampering rescue efforts, but so far a large amount of debris has been found. As dawn arrives, it should be marginally easier to operate, although could make the crewmembers’ strobe lighting distress signals harder to spot.


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