Did Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Kellerman get kicked off Twitter?

You might have seen that on Thursday, during the team’s Thanksgiving Day game against the Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Kellerman was accidentally tackled by one of the players. She was fine, and she tweeted a few jokey comments about the incident the following day. Then her Twitter account abruptly disappeared.

A post on the NFL site questions whether Kellerman was allegedly told to take the Twitter profile down, although there has been no official comment from anyone involved. It might just be that Kellerman decided to delete her Twitter account a day or two after a high-profile, nationally televised incident that brought her brief and fleeting fame.

There’s already a Cowboys Cheerleaders Twitter profile, which so far has made no comment about the incident. There don’t seem to be any Twitter profiles associate with any of the other cheerleaders from the team. Personally, I can’t help thinking this is all a big misunderstanding. It’s hard to believe a cheerleader’s Twitter account could be treated in this way.



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