Facebook Christmas tree app virus hoax spreads on Facebook

A Christmas tree app virus hoax that warns users against clicking on malware is doing the rounds on Facebook. But the whole set-up is a hoax and there’s no malware, just a wave of message spam sweeping majestically across the Facebook plains.

There seems to be no reason for the spam, other than to clog up users’ walls. It’s not in itself dangerous, other than perhaps lowering users’ ability to recognise scams when they see them. The spam simply encourages users to re-post warnings about the supposed malware.

It’s almost certain that there is no such virus, and that users are simply being tricked. The message says that the Christmas tree app hides a virus that will crash computers. So far, however, it seems that there’s no such virus, only a rather annoying Facebook-based overreaction.

About Michael Burrows

Michael Burrows is a freelance TV journalist and writer, public relations manager, and MA Creative Writing student. He lives in Bristol and his hobbies include windsurfing, kayaking and microwaving bad food.


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