Reddit users plan to create SOPA-proof Darknet Plan

Reddit users are seeking to create their own version of the internet that would be completely immune from the controversial SOPA legislation currently being considered by the United States. The Darknet Plan, aka Meshnet, is being discussed on its own sub-Reddit, where more than 15,000 people are following and in some cases contributing to the plans.

The plan focuses anonymity, peer-to-peer architecture and strong resistance to censorship, with the aim being to take the system well beyond the reach of any government or corporation. Discussions on the sub-Reddit range from technical details to the question of what name to use for the system.

The basic technology underpinning the project is fairly well established, even if the group aims to fix it to meet their own needs. And some experts believe that as the US government inevitably tightens its control of the internet, these kinds of private P2P networks will become the ‘new’ internet of the future, which will be much more fragmented but also much more difficult for central authorities to control and regulate.



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