NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams has to deal with fire alarm during broadcast

NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams was just getting into a report on the bankruptcy of American Airlines this evening when a firealarm sounded. Noting that it was just a (rather poorly scheduled) test drill, Williams and reporter Tom Costello continued with the broadcast as the alarm continued to sound.

The whole incident is pretty surreal to watch and is a reminder of the perils of live TV. But Williams kept his cool and on Twitter people have been praising him for the calm manner in which he managed to keep on with the news.

Although memorable, this probably isn’t the most notable live TV news event to ever happen. That honour is probably still held by the invasion of a BBC newsroom in the 80s, during which presenter Sue Lawley remained calm despite the shouts off-camera. The incident led to the memorable tabloid headline ‘Beeb man sits on lesbian’ the followin day.


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I am a second year architecture student studying in Berlin. I am originally from Beijing, China, where many of my family still reside, apart from my father, step-mother and step-sister, who reside in Cologne in Germany.


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