32 tons of marijuana seized as US discovers another US-Mexico drugs tunnel

US authorities have discovered yet another drugs tunnel running from Mexico. 32 tons of marijuana were seized this week as the tunnel, running between Tijuana and San Diego, was uncovered. And these tunnels are believed to be a growing trend.

Most of the tunnels discovered so far are sophisticated constructions with lighting, proper support structures, ventilation and even, in some cases, lifts at either end. The tunnels are increasingly seen by Mexican smugglers as the most effective way to get drugs into the US, despite the obvious time and money cost of constructing them in the first place.

Investigators believe each tunnel takes approximately six months to build. But if they are in operation for only another six months after completion, they can more than make back the cost of construction. There could be a whole load more tunnels out there than anyone realises.


About Sarah Bosdiccia

Sarah Bosdiccia is a writer, journalist, blogger and editorial assistant. In the past, she has worked in the local newspaper business and has taught journalism modules at undergraduate level. She doesn't 'do' Facebook but you can follow her at @sarah_bosdiccia.


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