Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich criticised and applauded for claiming poor children have no habits of working

Republican presidential frontrunner (how did that happen?) Newt Gingrich has been criticised and applauded in roughly equal measure after claiming that poor children have no habit of working.

Critics argue that Gingrich’s attack on child labour laws in America amount to an attempt to get children into the workforce for low wages, while supporters argue that the US should be encouraging children from all walks of life to understand the value and importance of getting a job.

Gingrich remains at the top of the GOP field, with most polls putting him neck and neck with Mitt Romney and some even giving him a slight lead. It remains to be seen what impact his latest comments will have on his overall standing, and whether Americans struggling to find jobs would welcome the prospect of millions of children competing for low-paid employment.



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