Effin village banned from Facebook for ‘offensive’ name

A small Irish village has been banned from Facebook because its name is perceived to be offensive. Effin in County Limerick has apparently run afoul of the site’s automated censors, since ‘effin is also – for some people – an adjective that means pretty much the same thing as ‘fucking’.

A campaign group was set up on Facebook calling for Effin to be allowed but this, too, was apparently deemed to be offensive and was pulled. But Facebook now says that it has been alerted to the problem and that someone will make a manual change to allow Effin to get its name past the Facebook censors.

If the people of Effin are having this problem, one can only imagine the ordeal of anyone who lives in Fucking, Austria or Shit, Iran. Automated filters might be good for some things, but sometimes the real world throws up challenges that are too great for even the most sophisticated system.



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