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Should war video games force players to stick to the Geneva Conventions?

The Red Cross is reportedly calling on legislators to consider whether the Geneva Conventions should apply to video games. The organisation is said to be concerned that by allowing players to ignore international law while playing video games, a culture of disregard for human rights is being encouraged.

Although no-one actually gets hurt in video games, players can get used to the idea of blastsing away without having to consider the consequences or implications. The International Committee of the Red Cross is now calling for a study to see whether this creates a sense of disregard when it comes to how people might act in a real battlefield.

But can video game producers be forced to make players adhere to the Geneva Conventions? While introducing international law as an element in such games might be interesting for some people, for others it would pretty much ruin the entire experience. Which might kind of reinforce the point being made by the Red Cross.


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