Herman Cain

Herman Cain suspends presidential campaign for 2012

Herman Cain has suspended his campaign for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. In the wake of a series of allegations (which he denies) about his conduct with women, Cain has consulted with his family and has decided to prioritise his personal life.

The Herman Cain candidacy was a rollercoaster ride, starting out with few people taking him too seriously. But by October he was being talked up as a genuine rival to frontrunner Mitt Romney, with some people suggesting that Cain stood a real chance of taking the Republican nomination.

It was around this time that allegations about his relations with women began to surface. Cain rode out the initial round of allegations and although his poll numbers suffered a little, he remained very much in the race. But last week there were fresh allegations, this time about an alleged affair with a woman named Ginger White. Cain denied all these allegations.

Herman Cain’s departure from the GOP field makes little difference. Mitt Romney remains out front as the GOP searches for a credible rival. The latest to go up against him is Newt Gingrich, but some analysts question whether Gingrich has what it takes to secure the nomination and then defeat Obama.

But who else is there? Ron Paul is perpetually ignored, Michele Bachmann seems to be sinking, Jon Huntsman has never been a real contender and Rick Santorum‘s continued presence in the race is something of a conundrum. Rick Perry, meanwhile, seems to have been widely written off. One wonders whether Tim Pawlenty, who quit the race many months ago, is now wondering whether he should have stuck around a little longer…



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