Exoplanet Kepler 22-b identified as possible ‘new Earth’

NASA has identified a planet 600 light years away that might be habitable by humans. Kepler 22-b is 2.4 times the size of our planet and lies in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ that has been marked out as the most likely location for planets hospitable to human life.

The planet has a surface temperature of about 22C (72F) and is believed to possess both water and land. However, its exact composition is not yet known, and it could turn out to be made mainly of gas, in which case it would be impossible for humans to live there. Its extreme distance from us is also something of a problem.

Other promising life-supporting planets have been identified in the past, but Kepler 22-b is by far the most viable candidate to date. The planet is one of more than 700 exoplanets identified in recent years, with thousands more waiting to be confirmed. A newly-launched Habitable Exoplanets Catalogue lists exoplanets and defines their potential for supporting life.



One thought on “Exoplanet Kepler 22-b identified as possible ‘new Earth’

  1. Off course there is life out there.

    We just have to exceed the speed of light to get there faster than 36

    years. In a few decades it will be done.

    But not untill my philosophical theory gets investigated.

    I am pretty sure that it is wrong, but it might get somebody to think.

    What if the speed of light varies through time and space?That would

    create some interesting theory.

    At least I think so.

    Antimatter is the mind and consciousness of all living entities.

    You are your own universe.

    Reality is where the minds (antimatter) meets the physical universe.

    Interested? Then read my philosophical multiverse theory.

    Google crestroyer theory, and find it instantly.

    Posted by The Crestroyer Theory | December 6, 2011, 11:02 am

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