Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover photo leaked online

The cover for Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming Playboy nude photoshoot has leaked online. The image was not due to be revealed for another week, with the magazine hitting newsstands in late December. But it has appeared on numerous websites, and has started to generate quite a bit of buzz.

Despite earlier reports that Lohan would be doing full-frontal nudity, sources now claim that this is allegedly not the case and that the photos will be very tasteful.The cover shows Lohan straddling a Playboy chair.

Lohan is set to be interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres in the next few days, and will be talking about the photoshoot for the magazine as well as her recent troubles. Unconfirmed reports allege that she was paid around $1m for the series of photoshoots that were carried out in recent months.


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