SETI back in business, Kepler 22-b among first planets to be examined for signs of life

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project is back in business, several months after it was mothballed due to funding problems. And one of the first targets of researchers is Kepler 22-b, recently identified as a prime candidate for human life to be able to survive.

SETI scans for radio and other signals coming from planets, hoping to find signs of some kind of intelligent alien life. Radio signals from Earth can travel enormous distances into space, meaning that if another race had a similar search underway, they would likely be able to detect us pretty easily.

SETI is back in action thanks to a massive fund-raising drive that saw more than $200,000 raised from online donations. The news comes as excitment about Kepler 22-b continues, with the planet believed to be in a rare habitable region around its star. Early indications suggest that the planet might have surface water, although the chances of us popping over to the planet any time soon are slim since it’s more than 600 light years away.

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