2012 Presidential Campaign, Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich describes Palestinians as ‘invented’ Arabs

Newt Gingrich has told a Jewish TV station that the Palestinians are an ‘invented’ people who are ‘in fact’ Arabs. His comments, seen as part of an attempt to gain Jewish support for his presidential bid, are likely to be controversial in some quarters.

Gingrich, who can’t be accused of not knowing the history of the conflict (unlike some other candidates), pointed out that Palestine was once part of the Ottoman Empire. But his claims about the Palestinians being ‘invented’ seem odd considering that all groups of people are to some extent invented and, invented or not, many people believe Palestinians have a right to self-determination and their own free state.

Gingrich has risen to the head of the Republican presidential race and looks set to be the primary challenger to Mitt Romney in the upcoming caucus season, with Ron Paul possibly becoming a third option if (as expected) he performs well in Iowa. Some critics warn, however, that Gingrich’s popularity within the Republican party is inversely proportional to his popularity within the United States as a whole.



One thought on “Newt Gingrich describes Palestinians as ‘invented’ Arabs

  1. Excuse my words but what a moron. I am Palestinian, my family history in Palestine stretches back THOUSANDS of years. My people are mentioned in the bible (Canaanites + Philistines), these two people inter married and became one from whom most of my people are descended.

    Our name in arabic is Philistine just like in the bible and our spoken language before Islam reached Palestine and for some time after was a Palestinian version of Aramaic. Our Palestinian dialect of arabic clearly shows this in our pronouncation of arabic, it is heavily influenced of southern levantine (palestinian) aramaic.

    Palestinians didnt become arabs until after most of us converted to Islam just like most other arabs who arent from the arabic penninsula. In other words we are arabisized arabs, not ethnic arabs.

    If we dont exist then surely newt doesnt exist. For how long has the gingrich family been in the US? 100, 200, 300, 400 years? Try to match that with THOUSANDS of years of Palestinian history. What a disgusting man, selling his sole to the devil in exchange for getting zionist support for his pathetic campaign.

    Posted by Carina Canaani | December 10, 2011, 12:33 pm

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