Pakistan warns it will shoot down unauthorised US drones in its airspace

Pakistan has warned that it will shoot down any US drones that make unauthorised entries into its airspace. The move comes amid continuing anger over the recent killing of 24 Pakistan soldiers at a post, an incident that reportedly occurred as a result of a US error.

Pakistan’s Military Chief Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has reportedly ordered any US drones that enter the country without authorisation to be shot down. The US was recently ordered to vacate the country’s remote Shamsi Air Base, which is believed to have been used to direct drone attacks against militants.

The issue of US drone activity has become particularly sensitive in recent days following claims by Iran that a drone was shot down over their country. US officials have confirmed that a drone paraded on Iranian television was indeed one of theirs, although there is dispute over whether the drone was in Iranian airspace intentionally or by accident, and over whether it was shot down or had some kind of mechanical failure.



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