Police evict Occupy Boston from Dewey Square

Occupy Boston demonstrators have been removed from Dewey Square. A small number of people were arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct, but police said that overall the demonstrators were ‘accommodating’ and complied with orders to leave the area.

As in many other US cities, Boston officials have in recent days set out to be much tougher with the Occupy demonstrators. Some critics allege that there is a concerted, possibly coordinated effort across the country to get the Occupy camps cleaned up before the end of the year. Boston’s mayor had previously said that there were no plans to forcibly move the protestors.

It’s unlikely that the Occupy Boston movement will simply pack up and go home after this setback, although it’s not currently clear where their new site might be. Around 150 protesters were living in the Boston camp, making Occupy Boston somewhat smaller than the likes of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy London. Occupy Boston has so far lasted around 10 weeks.



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