Wikipedia considering blanking itself out in protest at SOPA?

As concern mounts over SOPA, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales has been asking for opinions regarding a plan to protest the legislation by temporarily blanking out the entire Wikipedia site. Via his Jimbo Wales Wikipedia user page, Wales says that the idea is still in its infancy, but he asks users for their views. The majority of comments left on the page seem to be in favour of the move.

Wales refers to an incident earlier this year in which an Italian wiki site censored itself entirely in order to protest against a similar Italian law. In that case, the site’s move helped to pressure politicians to back down, and Wales is wondering out loud whether a similar move could be effective in the US.

SOPA continues to be pushed by a worryingly large number of US politicians. And the recent alleged Universal / Megaupload copyright infringement fiasco has been used by some to point out the dangers of giving more unaccountable powers to corporations.


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