2012 Presidential Campaign

Christine O’Donnell endorses Mitt Romney in GOP presidential race

Onetime US Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell has announced that she is endorsing Mitt Romney for the Republican party’s presidential nomination. And while the news is not particularly surprising, it does suggest that Romney’s campaign is not quite as ‘dead in the water’ as some Gingrich supporters would like to believe.

However, some observers believe that Christine O’Donnell’s endorsement – and the Romney campaign’s apparent acceptance of that endorsement – shows that all is not well in the Mitt Camp. This argument is based on the idea that Christine O’Donnell’s endorsement would not usually matter much, and that Romney’s welcoming of the news suggests he is desperate for any sliver of good news.

Christine O’Donnell is still a popular figure within some parts of the Republican party, although it remains to be seen whether she can help Romney secure vital votes among the more conservative fringes of the GOP. For many, Romney remains an unpopular choice due to claims that he is less far to the right than most of his rivals.

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One thought on “Christine O’Donnell endorses Mitt Romney in GOP presidential race

  1. Mitt Romney is a Progressive. He is in many ways the antithesis of his base wants, which is less Government. Everything from the IRS, DEA, SS, Dept of E, Postal Service, etc… is either Bankrupt, Corrupt, Both or Worse. Americans are through with the shenanigans.

    This goes for Gingrich too. The American People want real change. If their message does not improve. Look for Ron Paul to do well.

    Posted by Right as Rain | December 14, 2011, 11:58 pm

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