Somalia’s al-Shabaab launch Twitter account (@HSMPress), and why not?

Somalia’s al-Shabaab militants have launched a Twitter account, HSM Press or @HSMPress, to help them communicate with the wider world. Any why not? In the modern media environment, everyone should be allowed to speak for themselves rather than being filtered through the mainstream media.

There’s not a lot of love for al-Shabaab in the west, with good reason. Somalia is in a desperate state thanks to a civil war coupled with gross mismanagement of the country. It is almost the definition of a failed state. And no amount of tweeting will be able to recover al-Shabaab’s reputation in most parts of the world.

But it’s interesting to find groups like al-Shabaab using Twitter. We tend to expect little more than bland garbage from micro-celebrities and corporations. Who would you rather follow on Twitter: al-Shabaab or a Kardashian? After all, following doesn’t mean you agree with someone…


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