Time for the Tea Party and Occupy movements to join forces?

If you believe the mainstream media, you might think that the Tea Party and the Occupy movement are polar opposites. The Tea Party are supposed to be rabid corporatists, while the Occupy movement is supposed to be vehemently opposed to any hint of corporate activity. Yet these media representations of the two movements are completely wrong. The two organisations are more similar than they are different.

Here’s an interesting blog post titled Open Letter From a Marine Tea Partier to All Occupiers. The post’s author points out that the two organisations have more in common than many people realise. So you have to wonder: who chooses to keep pushing the idea that they’re so different? Sure there’s the crazy side of all protest groups, but what about the original version of the Tea Party?

So why does the media persist in portraying these two organisations as opposites? Perhaps in some cases it’s because the alternative – a united group of citizens who share a desire to bring about real democratic change – is too terrifying. Don’t forget that behind most if not all mainstream media outlets is a large corporation that is quite happy with things as they are. Remember that old phrase: divide and conquer?


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4 thoughts on “Time for the Tea Party and Occupy movements to join forces?

  1. You’re absolutely right, Michael. I’m from South Carolina, where I’m surrounded by tea partiers, libertarians, constitutionalists. My politics lean left, so I disagree with many – most of my friends and co-workers on many policy issues.

    But one thing we all agree on is that the flood of money in our political system is bad for everyone – except the already rich and powerful. I’m not against capitalism, I’m against CRONY capitalism. I’m not against the rewards of success, I’m against the rewards of fraud, corruption, cheating, bribery, profiteering.

    So, yes, Occupiers and Tea Partiers should, must get together on this one issue – driving corporate and special interest money out of our elections and governance.

    Thanks for the post and link. I’m involved with, and we’re already investigating ways to find common ground and combine efforts with original tea partiers and other groups interested in the preservation of representative democracy.

    Posted by JimM | December 17, 2011, 8:02 pm
  2. I’ve heard something like that before, “the tea party people are ‘corporatist'” but I think it’s completely mistaken. I didn’t attend any tea party rallies myself but have a lot of sympathy with those folks and know a few people who did. We exchange bitter emails about how the too big to jail banks were nearly the sole focus of the gov’t’s efforts in 2008 and 2009. We exchange bitter emails about how there’s a completely separate law for the Lloyd Blankfeins, Jamie Dimons and Angelo Mozilos of the world. We rant about the GE’s of the world paying zero tax on billions of dollars in profits while small business owners pay 35%.

    Maybe there’s a mistaken belief that not being anti-business is the same as being corporatist. It’s not. It’s perfectly possible to be ambivalent or largely pro-business while hating the crony capitalism and regulatory capture into which we’ve sunk.

    I also think that both groups were maligned on a superficial, cultural basis by different parts of the media. And both groups show how incredibly important it is to have well thought out explicit goals and systems of leadership. I think the tea partiers were too vague but actually a little clearer about their goals than the OWS folks. But without clear leadership they got co-opted, in part, by the republican party. The OWS people are repeating these mistakes. If you don’t have someone who explicitly speaks for your group, then the nitwit at the edge of the crowd who compares Obama to Hitler (tea party) or demands free stuff (OWS) gets to stand for your group in the eyes of the general public. That’s incredibly unfortunate as both groups had very valuable things to say.

    Posted by James T in MA | December 18, 2011, 2:14 am
  3. @JIMM

    you said ;’So, yes, Occupiers and Tea Partiers should, must get together on this one issue – driving corporate and special interest money out of our elections and governance.’

    Thank you, and Well said, Jim! Please, have a look at, and share this link
    it is the List of most flagrant Donors and Lobbyists from 1989 to Present. We need to root this corruption out of our country.

    Please, Familiarize those close to you with WHO these Lobbyists and Donors are, and which Party and which Politicians they are spending money to influence, Thank you.

    Posted by Richard LaGrande | December 18, 2011, 4:47 pm
  4. I’ve been asking for this for weeks. The two groups disagree on SOCIAL ISSUES ONLY. They have the same goal: they’re sick of being screwed over and want that changed.

    The media has become entertainment in the past few decades, and you can’t have good drama without “good drama.”

    It’s time the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement put their differences aside and join up. Let’s fix the social issues later.

    But as we speak, several groups of Tea Partiers and Occupers around the country ARE meeting up in Montana, Texas, Maine, Kentucky, and Indiana. That’s encouraging.

    Posted by Cory in Amarillo | December 18, 2011, 9:57 pm

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