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How did Kim Jong-Il really die? South Korea disputes North’s official story

If you believe North Korea’s government agencies, Kim Jong-Il died on a train while heading to visit some peasants. But is that really what happened? Figures from the South Korean government are reportedly finding holes in the story, suggesting that the ‘dear leader’ might not have died in such a symbolic way after all.

According to South Korean intelligence figures, Kim Jong-Il’s train did not move at all in the days leading up to his death. So it’s highly unlikely that he was, indeed, hurtling through the North Korean countryside when his heart gave up on him. But what are the alternatives? A heart attack at home? Something more sinister?

We’ll probably never know exactly what happened to Kim Jong-Il, but the conspiracy theories will undoubtedly grow. But with his body on display in Pyongyang, we do at least know that he’s definitely dead, although there are sure to soon be claims that he has been spotted with bin Laden and Elvis across America.


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One thought on “How did Kim Jong-Il really die? South Korea disputes North’s official story

  1. Who cares how he died, really? Let’s just be happy he’s dead and stop talking about him and his murderous, raping, pillaging, repressive, communist regime. The whole world should just ignore North Korea and act like it doesn’t exist. If that’s what they want, let them be ronery and sadry arone.

    Posted by Real-Estate Insider | December 22, 2011, 11:07 am

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