Obituary, Sudan

Obituary: Darfur rebel leader Khalil Ibrahim killed by Sudanese army

The Sudanese army has killed Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, the leader of Darfurian rebel group The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). Ibrahim was apparently killed in a fierce gunfight in Kordofan while fighting alongside his troops.

There has been increasing violence in Sudan in recent days as JEM and the government became involved in a series of skirmishes. It’s reported that Ibrahim and his group were attempting to retreat towards the recently-created South Sudan when government forces moved in for the kill.

The Justice and Equality Movement was founded a decade ago amid continuing political uncertainty in the country. The group is part of the Eastern Front, a coalition of rebel forces that remain active along the eastern Sudanese border with Eritrea. The JEM has so far not officially confirmed Ibrahim’s death.


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