Last #malikmonday of 2011, but which band will dominate Twitter in 2012?

2011 has undoubtedly been the year of One Direction on Twitter, as fans of the band have succeeded in getting their heroes on the worldwide top 10 trending topics list almost every day. But with 1Ders celebrating the final #malikmonday of the year, which band will take over as top Twitter band in 2012?

It’s possible that One Direction will retain the top spot, and that Justin Bieber will continue to rule the roost. But with new bands coming through all the time, One Direction could be looking pretty old by the end of the year. Will their fans have the stamina to keep up their success for another year?

One Direction fans have been helped by the fact that there are so many band-members, it’s relatively easy to keep one of them trending at all times. With Justin Bieber, it was increasingly difficult for fans to come up with new variations of his name to beat Twitter’s automatic system.


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One thought on “Last #malikmonday of 2011, but which band will dominate Twitter in 2012?

  1. Bull****…..One Direction rock and dey will always b numba 1 no matta what…I personally think that they will b as big as westlife ( but without the break up for a bit)….one direction will b 1D and MalikMonday will stay as it’s MailkMonday…whoeva says it’s no longa allowed shuld be sued!!!!

    Posted by Sabz | December 26, 2011, 1:51 pm

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