Can Reddit bring down a SOPA-supporting senator in 2012?

Reddit members are mounting their most ambitious plot yet: to bring down one of the senators who recently voted in favour of SOPA. The list of candidates is growing, and includes Bob Corker, Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham.

The Bob Corker operation seems to be the most advanced at this early stage, with the Operation Corkscrew sub-reddit up and running and an Operation Corkscrew website already registered. It remains to be seen whether Corker is the politician who ends up facing the combined force of Reddit users.

Reddit members have already achieved a number of ‘hits’ this year, including the infamous Texas judge William Adams campaign. Can they bring down a popular and relatively safe politician like Bob Corker? And if they can, is this how democracy works now?


About Michael R. Gideon

Writer, teacher, dog walker, guitarist, husband, father, reader, journalist etc. I mainly write at 100gf | Politics and Computers, but occasionally at other sites such as TV Vomit and Indie Bookspot. My Google Plus profile.


2 thoughts on “Can Reddit bring down a SOPA-supporting senator in 2012?

  1. No point trying to take down Graham. He’s not up for re-election till 2014.

    Posted by musicmissionary | December 28, 2011, 9:54 pm
  2. This is fantastic. Democracy in action. Need to mount a recall for NDAA-related politicians.

    Posted by Mark Wilson | January 2, 2012, 12:20 pm

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