2012 Presidential Campaign

Kent Sorenson insists money was not a factor in his decision to ditch Michele Bachmann for Ron Paul

Iowa state senator Kent Sorenson has insisted that money was not a factor in his decision to defect from Michele Bachmann’s campaign to the rival camp of Ron Paul. Sorenson’s defection has been seen by some commentators as possibly being a nail in the coffin of Bachmann’s presidential ambitions.

In the wake of allegations that he had been offered money to defect, Sorenson has appeared in front of local media to insist that this is not the case. He says that he worked hard for Bachmann but that he is now determined to help Ron Paul try to defeat Mitt Romney in Iowa, motivated not by money but by politics.

In the run-up to the crucial Iowa vote, Ron Paul is gaining momentum and looks set to be a genuine challenger to Romney and Newt Gingrich. That’s despite some pretty vicious attacks sent Paul’s way in recent weeks by GOP rivals, as well as some (arguably rather absurd) attempts by some members of the media to suggest that another contender, Rick Santorum, is on the verge of a surge.


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