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Mother of Lauren Scruggs talks about daughter’s recovery from propeller accident

The mother of editor / model Lauren Scruggs has been talking about her daughter’s slow recovery from a near-fatal propeller accident that occurred a few weeks ago. On December 5th 2011, Lauren Scruggs accidentally walked into the propeller of a small plane at an airport in Texas.

Scruggs’ injuries are horrific: she lost her left hand, and half her left eye (leaving her with only the sight in her right eye). She also suffered some brain injuries that means she has to work to regain certain functions. Although she has apparently started to recover, the road ahead is long and it will be some time before she can get back to anything even vaguely close to a ‘normal’ life.

Lauren Scruggs has not made any public appearances since the accident, concentrating instead on learning to perform simple daily tasks that would once have been so easy. It’s unclear whether she intends to ever return to her former role as a fashion writer.


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