Has Beyonce given birth yet? Rumours of baby Tiana-May Carter go into overdrive

It looks like we’ll be spending the end of 2011 wondering whether or not Beyonce has ‘given birth’ yet. Although it was initially thought that the singer would be going into labour in February 2012, there are now suggestions that the birth will happen in the next few days, or that it has perhaps already happened and the baby Tiana-May Carter is now in the world.

The rumours began when it was claimed that the singer had already checked in at a Manhattan clinic, ready to release the child into the wild. Actual news is likely to be hard ot come by as the singer and her representatives will probably want to control when and how the news comes out.

Expect plenty of false rumours to spread online, but it’s clear that at some point in the next month or so there’s likely to be the first picture of the baby, who may or may not end up being called Tiana-May Carter.

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