Is #RIPJays15thPhone the dumbest Twitter trend of 2011?

Just as we were compiling a list of the dumbest Twitter trends of 2011, along comes a late contender: #RIPJays15thPhone. What happened? Apparently Jay from The Wanted lost his 15th phone and is now trying to decide what to get as a replacement.

The trend has set off something of a war of words between fans of The Wanted, One Direction and Justin Bieber, all of whom insist that the others’ trending topics are the dumbest of the year. Some see the irony in all of this, some don’t.

So what has been the dumbest trend of 2011? The constant #prayforjustin trends every time the singer gets a cold? Perhaps the dumbest thing would be to spend time trawling through the millions of trends that have hit the Top 10 in 2011. Time to consider the horrors ahead…


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Writer, teacher, dog walker, guitarist, husband, father, reader, journalist etc. I mainly write at 100gf | Politics and Computers, but occasionally at other sites such as TV Vomit and Indie Bookspot. My Google Plus profile.


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