Could the Hackerspace Global Grid use private satellites to bypass government censorship?

A group of hacker activists are said to be working on ambitious plans to launch their own satellites into space, with the aim of developing a global grid – dubbed the Hackerspace Global Grid – that would allow them to bypass government censorship.

The plan, which was outlined at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, is said to be a direct response to the threat posed by the US SOPA legislation. SOPA effectively allows any site to be taken down if it’s accused of hosting copyright-infringing material or, crucially, linking to such material.

The hacker satellite program faces a number of problems, however. Obviously there’s the issue of funding, but there’s also the question of whether various governments would simply sit back while such a grid took shape. It would be relatively easy to disrupt such a grid, and since there is no real jurisdiction in space, there would be no formal restraints to prevent governments taking action against the system.


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