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Obituary: musician and teacher Martin Isepp dies

Pianist Martin Isepp, for many years one of the key figures on the Glyndebourne music staff, has died. It’s reported that he passed away on Christmas Day.

Born in Vienna, Martin Isepp moved to England just before the Second World War. Studying music at Oxford and London’s RCM, he worked with Benjamin Britten’s English Opera Group before, in 1957, he began his long association with Glyndebourne. From 1978 to 1993, he was Glyndebourne’s Head of Music Staff, and he retained links with the organisation for the rest of his life.

Throughout Europe and North America, he worked with singers such as Dame Janet Baker, John Shirley-Quirk and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. For more about his life, there’s this National Opera Studio biography as well as this set of recollections of his life and work.

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2 thoughts on “Obituary: musician and teacher Martin Isepp dies

  1. Condolences to Martin’s wife and relations. I remember a nd valued our music making at Oxford together. It maeans sio much to me that only a week or two befoe his decease we had corespnded and he r emarked how much he enjoyed our sonata playing tgether al thosie years ago. For me it w as an improtant classical musical influencein the 1947-8’s.

    Hilary Tunstall-Behrens

    Posted by hilary Tunstall-Behrens | January 4, 2012, 12:59 pm
  2. For Rose and Peter,

    I have just read of Martin’s death and remember our days at Hoff-Barthelson,when you were living in Scarsdale and I taught Peter in the Hoff-Barthelson pre-school music class Do you remember singing the “Queen of the Night” aria for me, Peter — at the age of 4, at the most! I have a very basic address for you and have written a letter, which may or may not reach you, but wish to send you my affection,. thoughts, prayers, and sympathy.

    Nancy Roth

    Posted by Nancy Roth | March 1, 2012, 5:36 pm

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