Belarus bans use of foreign websites

Citizens of Belarus are to be banned from using foreign websites under a new law that comes into effect from January 6th. The law imposes a fine on anyone who uses a foreign site or who allows their computer to be used by another for such a purpose without reporting the incident.

According to the US LIbrary of Congress, the new law (second link is in Russian) sets a maximum $125 fine for each violation and establishes that proprietors of internet cafes are liable for the actions of their customers in this regard. Internet access providers are expected to maintain a list of blocked sites.

It appears that no new infrastructure is being implemented, in which case the majority of people in Belarus will still be able to access foreign websites on computers over which they have control. They just shouldn’t. It remains to be seen precisely how the new law will be implemented. It might be that on a day-to-day basis, citizens are able to access foreign sites if the law isn’t strictly implemented.

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