Photo leads to rumours of Fidel Castro’s death, but claims seem to be premature

There are fresh rumours on Twitter that Cuba’s Fidel Castro has died. The rumours seem to have been spurred by a single photo, of unknown origin, that claims to show Castro’s body. However, it would appear that Castro is in fact still alive, at least as far as anyone can tell.

Reports from within Cuba say that the rumours are completely false. Although Castro’s health is known to be poor, there are apparently none of the tell-tale signs within the country that would indicate an imminent announcement of his passing.

Rumours of Castro’s death are fairly common. Sometimes they are just wishful thinking from anti-Castro activists who are too eager to believe rumours, and sometimes they are just the latest example of the Twitter Death Hoax phenomenon, which from time to time afflicts other famous names such as Bill Cosby, Johnny Depp and Tony Danza.


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