2012 Presidential Campaign, Ron Paul

Ron Paul deemed to be ‘most viral’ presidential candidate

Out of all the candidates for the presidency later this year, including Barack Obama, it’s Ron Paul who has performed best so far in terms of viral strategy on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. That’s according to analysis from Socialbackers which shows a generally increased level of online participation in discussions compared to the same period four years ago.

It remains to be seen whether viral support helps Paul in the crucial Republican presidential campaign. Traditionally, online support was seen as fairly insubstantial and likely to evaporate at the real-life polling booths, but the success of Barack Obama in 2008 to some extent changed that perception. Now it’s widely recognised that online support is one of the crucial factors in a successful political campaign, although it’s still just one of many factors.

Republicans are preparing to vote in the Iowa caucuses, the first concrete step towards choosing a candidate after months of debate and posturing. While Ron Paul is one of the frontrunners, he is generally regarded as being a little behind the outright leader Mitt Romney, although others believe that Paul has potential to cause an upset.


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